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Portland is the largest city in Oregon, USA and is well know for its Forest Park and the Rose Garden. It is sometimes rainy, but it is sunny just as often. Portland gets wet winters, chilly-warm springs, warm summers, and cool falls. It is near both the Pacific Coast and the Colombia River. It surrounds an area of the Willamette River. It is decked with trees and flowers. It has peaceful neighborhoods on the east side of the river and a busy downtown area on the west side. The schools there are great and the city is packed with assorted resturaunts that will suit even the pickiest eaters. It is considered one of the most children-friendly cities around. There is also Portland, Maine.
I am thinking of taking a vacation this winter to Portland, OR, where there won't be snow piled up outside my door each morning.
by Funnyfavorer November 01, 2011
Large mythical creature with no bottom. It lives in caves inside mountains, particuarly in the Colorado Rockies. There are many varieties and other members of the 'ubuda' family, with many different names, but the most common, the Longs Pubuda, is turquoise with purple spots. They hibernate from late October to early March. Their favorite food are mountain goats, but when there are shortages, they have been known to feast on gooseberries. They live in colonies up to 27.
The pubuda snatched the mountain goat and climbed back into his cave.
by Funnyfavorer November 01, 2011
Glenhaven is a small Colorado town about a two-hour drive from Denver. It has a Main Street, which has little more than a town hall, post office, general store, inn, and fire department. It has several streams running through it, including the North Fork, West Creek, and Fox Creek, in order of usual size. Glenhaven is only a short drive from Rocky Mountain National Park, and is thoroughly forest with pines, spruces, and other trees.
I enjoy visiting Glenhaven because it is fun to get out of the city.
by Funnyfavorer August 18, 2012
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