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a little robotic ninja made of wood, about the size of a decent sized midget or dwarf. Maybe an elf if he is healthy.
Look at that Chibot fly!
by Funnyboyyy March 25, 2003
When a woman places her mouth against a mans anus and attempts to create different notes through regulating the size of the man's anus hole. This usually occurs between people who listen to 70's music, own VW buses, have chemical addictions, and have various STD's.
Hey baby, lemme take a fiddle on your anus whistle.
by Funnyboyyy March 25, 2003
1. A popular brand of toy used by children everywhere.
2. When single parents choose to have their anuses fingered by their child's schoolteacher during their class while the schoolchildren are watching. The participants are usually Butt Pirates, a.k.a. Anal Acrobats or Fudge Packers
Hey teacher, I was wondering if you could show me some playskool.
by Funnyboyyy March 25, 2003
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