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Pronunciation: \ˈȯl-āz\

1. (adv.): always

2. (adv.): never

3. (trans. v., 3rd per. indic. pres.): subdues or calms
Allays I been fuckd.
by FunkyMarcus August 17, 2010
A minor disagreement between neighbors in Ancient Greece. Most ephinpoestri were resolved architecturally.
Helen looked Troy's gift horse in the mouth on the second date. The ensuing ephinpoestra was mollified by erecting a column.
by FunkyMarcus January 27, 2011
Inflated with a sense of self-importance. Possibly bluish, slightly damp, and puffy.
1. Stop being aquablogous.

2. Don't be so aquablogous.

3. Get the towel and dry off that bluish aquablogous pufferfish.
by FunkyMarcus January 26, 2011
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