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3 definitions by FunkPumpkin

Medical slang for calling a person an "air-head."
Nurse 1: That new ER doctor calls over here all the time about the same, stupid issues!

Nurse 2: I know! He is a clueless pneumocephalic!
by FunkPumpkin September 21, 2011
The more-merciful relative of the dreaded Upper Decker.

A Faux Decker is executed by:

1) Opening the rear tank of a toilet and dropping in a piece of novelty rubber dog poop;

2) Pouring in 1/2 cup (120mL) of instant iced tea mix into the tank as well;

3) Replace the lid and leave the Faux Decker for the next unsuspecting victim.

Upon flushing the toilet, a brown stew will be unleashed, horrifying the user and leading them to open the rear tank...only to see the fake poop and surmise they have been struck with an Upper Decker.

The Faux Decker is a more sanitary prank than the insidious Upper Decker, but you get almost the same shock-value from the Faux Decker as you would the original.
Dude 1: "I pranked my Mom on April Fool's Day with a Faux Decker!"

Dude 2: "Why a Faux Decker not an original Upper Decker?"

Dude 1: "DUDE, she's my Mom! I wanted to freak her out, not make her disown me!!"
by FunkPumpkin October 04, 2011
n. One who "has feces for a face", but encoded so children and/or significant-others won't know you just said, "shit-face".
"WHAT?! You're asking me to reimburse you for the shipping-costs for the Christmas gifts you just gave us?!?!

You are such an effing CHOCOLATE-LOG FACE!!!"

(A variant, "choc-logged", can also be applied to describe past-drunkenness. For example:

"Dude...Yeah! <shit! the wife walked in> 'Um, yeah...I was definitely 'choc-logged' last night. Hehe....I have to go. Bye")
by FunkPumpkin September 09, 2011