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Store in a cool place(50F to 60F). Lower temperatures may cause chilling injury. Pantries, basements or garages can provide a cool place during most of the year. Non-insulated garages may be too warm in the summer and too cold during winter.
Allways treat tomatos with care and respect. Report any suspicious tomatoe related behaviour to either The British Tomato Growers' Association or the California Tomato Commission
"A tomato is not just for christmas; its for many other occasions including, but not exclusive to:
Jack Daniels birthday
Pre-pub fridge raid...day....?
Correct storage temperatures for ripe tomatoes - troubling times lye ahead for tomatos stored under incorrect temperatures......... indeed
by Funk Master Slam August 29, 2006
Similar to "Goosh" in pronunciation, but with a prolonged "ooo" (with slight hint of an "eu" sound to it), preferably in a lower, monotone voice; also more specific in definition.
Translated directly from its origins, its means "fucking sweet" when pronounced in its most common upbeat tone.
This word is not to be confused with other similar sounding "multiple definition" words, as only the few, predefined definitions of this word stand in formal conversation.

1. Fucking Sweet - As afore mentioned, when spoken in an upbeat, positive manner, this is the agreed definition

2. Fucking Sweet - As afore mentioned, when spoken in an upbeat, positive manner, this is the agreed definition

3. Fucking Sweet - As afore mentioned, when spoken in an upbeat, positive manner, this is the agreed definition

These three definitions of the word Gooosh, are the only standing definitions of the word that have been translated.
Other variations have been theorised by amateur scholars, but these alternations, are vastly incorrect
Upon the correct completion of a task, one might say "Gooosh!"
An impressive action may be complemented by a "Gooosh" from either the acting person in question, or perhaps the recipient of said action.
Girl; Hot; Walks By; Tight Jeans... Gooosh!!!
by Funk Master Slam August 28, 2006
The Finger Warmth Stealth Attack is one of ingenious cunning and skill. In layman's terms, a single finger of the unsuspecting victim is inserted into ones own anus without them noticing. The result upon realisation is not one of disgust, but of pure awe and respect for the immense skill and aptitude required to pull off such an attack...
Ninja: ..yep....yep... nearly... yes!
Victim: (suddenly realising) What the... how the.... thats......
Ninja: Thats the FWS Attack, my friend, and I know; You're impressed
Victom/Big fan: My God!! That is impressive!! The ingenious cunning and skill to pull off such a awe inspiring move without my noticing.... How!!?
Ninja: Training. And time.... You can take it out now my friend; this lesson, is over.
Big fan: Wow, thanks Blatant Ninja, you're the best!!
Ninja: Yeah bitch.
by Funk Master Slam May 04, 2010
The Finger-Spoon Breakup technique is a last resort breakup technique that will leave no doubt to the state of any relationship (or sudden lack there of) due to its unique approach to guilt manipulation.
The effect is that upon waking, a girl will find that she is spooning her boyfriend with one finger in his anus; as he awakes at the same moment, his shock and disgust will leave no other option but to end said relationship.
To implement the FSB technique: When the female partner is asleep, one puts ones head atop her lower arm, rotates into the small spoon position and pulls her into big spoon position. The next step is to (quite impressively) insert her finger into ones anus without rousing her from her slumber.
Upon waking, give the poor girl a moment to realise what "she has done" and then awake with apparent shock and display clear signs of feelings of abuse and mistrust. Explain the situation using emotional angles and lay on the guilt nice and heavy. The rest should come naturally
by Funk Master Slam May 04, 2010
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