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Something so amazingly AWESOME SOOOOOOO COOOOOOOL THAT NO WORD IN ANY LANGUAGE IN THE UNIVERSE COULD DESCRIBE IT. So Asia and I (girl not country) had to make up our own word.

Pronounced Zarb-you-lishus-da-sheesh
And God said to his people with a thundering voice from the mountains

"Following my commandments is Zarbuliciousdashis"
by Fung Afat Shao Nin November 01, 2004
Gaysian is an Asian who has turned his/her back on Asian heritage and culture to act "ghetto". Seriously the worst type of Asian.

"Yo yo yo ni hao ma homie g dawgs"

(Ni hao=Hello in Mandarin)

Sup holmes lets practice sum tae kwon dizzo (Somone has said that to me...)
by Fung Afat Shao Nin October 19, 2004

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