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A Nordic name, meaning wife, bride or kinship.
In Norse mythology Siv (or Sif) was the goddess of fertility and agriculture, and married to Thor.
One time Loke (Aasgard's infamous troublemaker) cut of all her hair while she was sleeping. Thor was pissed and forced Loke to get Siv some new hair - made of gold. Loke went to the dwarves, who made Siv a beautiful new hair, made of pure gold, but magically attaching to her head and acting like real hair, making her the most awesome blonde ever!

Also in real life, Siv's are the most awesome girls on earth - naturally blonde, smoking hot with the body of a true goddess! Flirty, but sofisticated.
She's also very independent, extremely intelligent and she has a great sense of humour. Not to mention that she has an exellent taste in music, movies and literature.
Did I mention that she is superintelligent and hot?
OMG Siv, you are so awesome!

Siv is the female equivalent of Teckno Viking.
by Fumiki January 12, 2011

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