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typically used by brain-lacking teenagers who feel like fitting in with their peers and whatever they say doesn't seem believable so they add this; like, honestly. Very similar to "you don't even know" and is usually followed by a phony expression.
hey guys like, honestly, i'm sooooooper busy

like, honestly, that guy is really hot but i'm sooooper busy to even like, honestly, be into him.
by Fully Moons December 12, 2011
The name for boys who believe they are good at sex because urban dictionary told them so. Commonly used to angle more grandeur onto the sexual prowess of their oral-sex talented friends.
"Oh, that Javier. They say he's got great sexual prowess."

"Not even! Have you met his friend Bernardo? Now THAT'S sexual prowess."

"You're right! What was I thinking?"
by Fully Moons October 23, 2012

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