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3 definitions by Fullviti

It's a guy, who jumps out of a building, without his radio! Can you believe it?
"aaah! A slipper-cat!"
by Fullviti April 17, 2005
It's a Norwegian slang word from Sandefjord in Norway. It means good, best, pretty, sexy, and other good stuff. It's a pretty all-around word; you can use it to anything that's good.
"Wow, that shoot was really schrimt," or "look at that schrimt gir!" or maybe even "Hey! I had a schrimt time last night".
by Fullviti April 21, 2005
It's a guy, who eats a swine, without his radio! Can you believe it?

aaah! A swine-eater!
by Fullviti December 30, 2005