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2 definitions by Full Stanley

A hand job given to a guy after he takes a girl out to a sports bar and they eat Buffalo Wings together. After the date she gives the guy a hand job with left over sauce on her fingers giving the guy a burning sensation. You deserve it for taking her on a date to a sports bar.
Last night we went to that sports bar and I totally got a Buffalo Job after. It was great, I purposefully used up all the napkins at dinner to get a better burn.
by Full Stanley November 29, 2011
A full Stanley is preferably performed by a gay Jewish midget or dwarf. It happens when an unsuspecting male (full sized) leans over a bar to give dap to the bartender and the little person reaches up and cups his balls with his little hands. It's ok if he is not Jewish, but he should be gay and small.
That dude just got the Full Stanley on his way out the bar. Man, that little dude is fucked up.
by Full Stanley November 29, 2011