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1. usually offensive; see usage example below : a white person of Germanic descent

2. usually offensive; see usage example below : a member of any light-skinned race of Germanic ethnicity

3. : a member of a socially disadvantaged class of persons that pertain to a Germanic country or background
Example 1: Germs love to have incest, do drugs, be dirty, and steal.

Example 2: Why do majority of germs have cancer? Because their fucking dirty germs, it's in their nature to be cancerous.
by Fulano de Tal May 06, 2013
Short for wife beater, and also known as a Guinea-T. A sleevles white undershirt usually worn on its own by guys trying to show off a muscled up physique. Although it is usually associated with Italian American men, it has become very popular among many other ethnic and racial groups. The wife beater is a staple of the roid head wardrobe.
"The weather is getting nice bro, time to bring out the beater"

"I usually work out in a beater"

"I'm trying to get jacked son, so I can rock a beater this summer and flawse for the mamis."
by Fulano De Tal September 11, 2006
A male who lacks muscle tone or does not have a masculine physique.

"Yo, I saw Jeff in the club yesterday rockin' a beater lookin slaid, he must be off the sauce"

"Pffft you better hit the weights son you lookin slaid"

by Fulano De Tal September 08, 2006
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