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1. An object or person that;
A. Are true maniacs (Either mentally unstable or just plain stupid)
B. Is slightly Random/Fucked up in the head and attempts challenging feats.

2. An expression adaptable to any situation.

Guy 1: I like eating people!
Guy 2: You Fukxing Maniac!
Guy 1 & 2: {Chuckles}

{Announcer}: John here is going to attempt to feed his whole left nipple to this blood thirsty giraffe.
Crowd Member: Dude, that guy is a fukxing maniac!

Guy 1: I like tacos
Guy 2: Me too!
Guy 1: I once ate a live chicken
Guy 2: Dude that's sick!
Guy 3: I let someone take a dump on my chest...
Guy 1: Dude!
Guy 2: You fukxing maniac!
by Fukxing Maniac September 16, 2007
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