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To take music off someone else's ipod without specifically selecting it.
"Wow, Joseph has alot of music on his ipod doesnt he?"
"Yeah, thats coz he ibummed my ipod!"
by Fukwit Fred January 17, 2006
When one who has not been invited attempts to gain the address of a party or get together under the pretense that he has lost the details or otherwise been invited.
"Um... I... lost the e-mail... about the party thing... could you just tell me the address and what time its on... and what day..."
"Jo, are you trying to ad-swipe?"
by Fukwit Fred January 17, 2006
When a large group of gay men get in a circle and ejaculate into the eye of the person next to them.
"What happened last night? Why does my eye feel funny?"
"Well, after you passed out we had a huge gosk, with you included..."
by Fukwit Fred December 12, 2005
To attempt to participate in a conversation while still listening to headphones in one ear, in an attempt to look cool and aloof. The action often generates contempt for the half-speaker.
"God, I'm sick of Hamish and Joseph half-speaking all the time!"
by Fukwit Fred January 17, 2006
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