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The literal word comes from the French, and it means 'hat'.

Aside from meaning 'hat' it is also used when giving someone respect, a short way of saying 'hat off' or 'I'm so impressed, I take my hat off'.
I can swim 600 feet under water

Chapeau! Something I'd never be able to do even with training!
by Fukaface! January 24, 2011
A form of beetle (bug) found in the wild.
A scary beetle with horns (this is a badass beetle)

How Beavis and Butthead call eachother
Huh-huh.. You're an Ass Beetle!
by Fukaface! December 17, 2010
Someone who studies and specializes in the male organ.
A doctor that checks up on the testicles and has to look at someone's dick for eg diseases (STD's), or misshapes.

A plastic surgeon that specializes in operations to the male organ.
"Man, I had sex with this woman, and now I start to have a rash on my penis."

"Visit the Dickologist".

"My penis is too small; I can't pleasure my wife"
"I heard the dickologist at 49th street can lengthen it with a small surgery".
by Fukaface! December 15, 2010
Bling fashion for cars stands for car modifications that are not performance oriented.
It could include lots of shiny stuff, like:
big chrome rims
bullethole stickers on the paint
Arcade game speakers on the horns
tube or ledlights under the car and hood
chrome bumpers and exhaust tips
Chrome or Chromed plastic plates as engine covers
Shaded windows
Led light radio antenna tips
Neon ring around bass woofers
Colored interior LED light
Modified exhaustpipe for noise
Usually loud, but crappy woofers in the trunk

For clothing bling fashion could include:
Big golden chains and necklaces
loose t-shirts and shorts
head bandanna or sweatband
white sport shoes
big shiny watches with interior clockdesign of a $20 watch

Usual target audience of bling fashion are niggers and wiggers.
Hey, I'm standing at a red light with my toyota prius, and some dude with an old townscar next to me modified with 21" chrome rims wants to race to the next green light. Should I do it?

Yes, go ahead. His car is just bling fashion anyways. It won't accelerate at all.

I mean, look at his clothing, he's a wannabe nigger.

Yep,and I bet his golden chain with 5 pound dollar sign is made of plastic too!
by Fukaface! January 02, 2011
Also called gay sand niggers,
They fart towards Allah when they turn their asses towards mekka when they pray.
They love to bomb things, and kill themselves
Muslims are the worst pieces of trash in the world today!

Their prophet Mohammad is fake, and a gay pedophile!

Muslims dream of having hairy gay ass sex with their dead prophet mohammad, that piece of shit!

They often use koran toilet paper. It's very sandy hard paper, that scrubs the hairs out of their asses, but they love to flush the koran through the toilets, clogging sewer pipes with their crap paper!

Muslims have one good aspect! They kill eachother, bomb themselves, and are as dumb as dumbfucks!

They are thought to be born coming out of allah's ass, that's why they have this sandy color!
Look there, a stinking farting brown pedophile, who shouts 'llaaaah! and has bombs around his waste!

It's a fucking muslim! They're the trash of the world, together with their shit faith that's less worth than a shit dump in your neighbors toilet!

Muslims don't belong on this world, they should all be tortured!

Muslims stink, and perform gay and pedophile actions within a mosque!
by Fukaface! March 28, 2011
When you want to add a word in urban dictionary dot com, and you can't find 5 synonyms, antonyms, related words or misspellings, you add 'no other tags'

Also meaning 'no other tags'
I put the word "the" in the dictionary. I really don't know any synonyms, antonyms, related words or misspellings; I just put 'no other tags'.
by Fukaface! February 02, 2011
A male who penetrates the anus of another being.

A term used for a gay person.
Man, you're so gay! I bet you love that assdriller to penetrate you any time!

Those villagers are all assdrillers. When you don't look they have sex with any animal they see!
by Fukaface! December 15, 2010
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