2 definitions by Fuhrer Sebadragosa X

One's desire to ejaculate at the residence of another to establish dominance and superiority.
Me: Tyrone must have been so scared of me when I was proving my cumthority at his house to bondage midget porn!
Friend: That's my fetish.
by Fuhrer Sebadragosa X September 05, 2013
When something is so nice that it gives you the urge to cum on it with extreme vigor and force. These things can include but are not limited to wedding dresses, food, and white people.
You: "Dude that wedding dress is so cumtastical that I'm exploding in my pants just thinking about all the fabric I can ruin in one blow!"
Friend: "What in the actual fuck is wrong with you?"
by Fuhrer Sebadragosa X September 03, 2013

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