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A small frog indigineous to Puerto Rico aka La Isla del Encanto. The word Coqui is usually expressed in song or whistle as this is the sound that the frog makes, which phonetically sounds like "coqui coqui."
"Oye Pito sing the coqui song."
by Fuggetabouit June 30, 2006
A person who is on methadone maintanence and uses methadone as their drug of choice, is extremely lethargic and can be found in a stupor, zombie like all day long. Can usually be found either standing, leaning or nodding out on a corner not far from the clinic. Methadonian is a term found most commonly in the ghettoes of New York City, where there are more methadone clinics than anywhere else in the World. Just as there are crackheads, dope fiends and speed freaks, there are Methadonians.
Yo mang check out them methadonians them ni**** is straight fiends son!

In Washington Heights, you will always find the methadonians hanging out at Burger King on 181 St. & St Nick.
by Fuggetabouit June 30, 2006

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