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Noun. Relevence to "Mosh Pit". A gig, or perhaps a party, where the majority of people attending are extremely middle classed and are sucking up to each other and the band way too much. It is usually not an enjoyable experience for someone who is not within the "social circle" of the "Posh Pitters".

Often at a Posh Pit, people attempt to create a mosh pit simply for the sake of it, because its the done thing, not because the music suits it.
A: "I was at a party last night and it sucked. Everyone was from Twickenham and they were dancing like dickheads. They tried to make a mosh pit and it just failed, someone even tried to stage dive onto a group of about 5."

B: "That sounds like one hell of a Posh Pit"
by FuelKat April 09, 2007
Adjective. Relevence to OCD (Obsessive Compuslive Disorder). An action or event that was obsessively compulsive, but not necessarily involving anyone suffering from the disorder.
Jason felt the need to touch every advertisement moving past him while on the escalator. Afterwards he realised that his short trip on those moving stairs was terribly OCDelicious.
by FuelKat April 09, 2007
Noun. When someone, or a group of people go to extreme lengths to either save their hacky sack from hitting the floor during a session, or to retrieve their hacky sack when it is lost or out of reach.
"Woa! Graham just lept in the river just to get his foot to that sack. That was one hell of a sackrifice!"
by FuelKat March 22, 2007

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