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Something any man can say to rationalize a given situation, no matter how dangerous or stupid it is.
1. Guy: Should I ollie this 20 foot gap?
Friend: I dunno man...
Guy: Fuck it!
Friend: Damn that was cool, even if u broke your back.

2. Guy: Dude should I bang this chick?
Friend: I dunno she gets around...
Guy: Fuck it!
Friend: Dude, I told you she might have herpes.
by Fuckit April 24, 2007
probably the worst place you could go to if you're actually trying to party in college. although some of the people here are cool, the school is actually gay as shit. it's where everyone knows your name and every single fucking thing about you. its where the after parties turn into middle school dances because public safety can't handle a couple drunken fights. its where people with no life sit in their rooms making random anonymous phone calls to PS full of fake complaints just hoping to see someone get raided and written up. The bottom line is the mount is NOT a university, its just grades 13-16. This is Mount Saint Mary's High School, bitch! hooray, we suck.
timosen: hey I thought we went to Mount Saint Mary's University?
twenty bucks: nah, I go to Mount Saint Mary's High School, you fool.
by fuckit March 10, 2007
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