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A Guy who is 4-5 feet high and thinks he'se the biggest hardest guy in the world Becoz he Smokes Weed and Wearz Burbury
Chav : Ya Been To Mac Donalds?
Chav2: Its Safe
Chav3: Init
Chav4: Seen my New Burbury?
A chav Convo
by Fuckhabbo April 24, 2005
A shit little place where you pay a fucktard to put some words in your name
Fucktard: hey gimme 50 hc's and ill let u put god owner in your name.

Poor Sucka on Habbo: Ok
by Fuckhabbo April 24, 2005
A used to be good animation but sadly has died down since each episdoe has been showed 20 times
A Day With Sky One....
9.00 Simpsons
9.30 Simpsons
10.00 Some Crap
1.30 Simpsons
2.00 Some Crap
6.00 Simpsons
6.30 Simpsons
7.00 Simpsons
7.30 Simpsons
8.00 Simpsons

A simpsons freak's Day
7.00 Simpson
by Fuckhabbo April 24, 2005
A Game that nerds play in mass groups and having no sleep or food thus losing weight and life. But it's worth it for a diablo 2 player: if they find a ub3r rare item that has 60798477588477% more damage Vrs rocks
Normal Kid: Hey i just found $20
Diablo 2 Player: Well i just found a rare sword
Normal Kid: What?
Diablo 2 Player: Lol pwnt n00b diablo 2 pwns j00 lololololololololol
by Fuckhabbo March 08, 2006
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