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Hi is an overly used word.
x: Hi!
X: Stop saying that word you fuckin idiot
by fucker March 17, 2005
Good Charlotte is a fuckin pouser band they should die
pouser band that should die for reals anyone that likes them should die too
by fucker May 30, 2005
one of the best punk rock bands ever
some of there best songs are pretty fly for a white guy, and hit that
by fucker March 17, 2005
Someone with a big nose or someone you really hate.
Dude, that kid is such a penisface.
by fucker April 23, 2003
land of the hicks. Their only books are the farmers almanac, playboy, the John Deere catalouge. All they talk about is tractors and guns. and who they want to fuck0but never will on account of their dick...or lack there of
by fucker August 10, 2003
to rub ur dick in between the girls boobs untill u jackoff
I titzum my girl everynight
by Fucker April 10, 2003
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