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A person, gender non-specific, who uses the low income nature of the ghetto for their own self defined reasons. The 'hood' nature of this noun can refer to clothing that is contemporary to urban culture. Hooded shirts or coats have a definitive logo nature to the fashion of these people, but in no way means they are definitely wearing a hooded piece of fashion. The rat aspect of these individuals can refer to their self centered need to gain either material or social gains. Scurrying through cultures taking anything they can to obtain a status that means something to their center of the universe mentality. Can be verb-a-tised to refer to their actual actions. Nationality and ethnicity have no bearing on who can be called a 'hood rat'. Wealthy or poor, hood rats can easily be spotted by their actions but hard to spot sometimes because of their ability to disguise and hide behind actions and objects obtained by being selfish and cruel to others.
Example: Paris Hilton is such a hood rat.

Example: I can't believe that hood rat keeps doing heroin and turns in other people into the police so he/she can get paid to keep doing heroin.

Example: If that dude keeps hood ratting, I'm gonna bounce on his world. Time to tune that hood rat up with my own hood ratability.

Example: If I were a hood rat I wouldn't have to ever work again because I will always have a way to screw anybody who gets in my way.
by FuckedByFamily August 11, 2012
A heavy set, almost retarded woman's boobs. Most of the time the shape and form are so repulsive that people can go blind just seeing them as the girl turns around and making observers so stunned that they become sickly stupid. The body of the person seeing ray chugs usually uncontrollably heaves similarly to Ray Charles chugging a beer with diarrhea chaser
That bitches ray chugs are off the chart, bounce!

That dude turned gay when his wife's tits went all ray chugs after 20 years of marriage.

With ray chugs like that, she really should get some green and get surgery to fix that pair of amoebas sagging and ragging every man she spools
by Fuckedbyfamily August 16, 2012

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