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Can also be found next to the word 'gnarly' in the dictionary.

The act of a male ejaculating into a females face while she sleeps then throwing a handful of his recently shaven ass hair into her face and letting it dry.
Out of nowhere, Mike decided to give me Mountaineers Knuckles last night.


I gave her the messiest Mountaineers Knuckles, it was awesome.
by Fuckayooo1123 February 18, 2010
Cinnamon that is mixed with brown sugar. It is much darker therefore "negro" like in appearance, hence "neegra".

It is often baked into the crust of ludicrously sweet soul food, served with a side of watermelon and some Kool-Aid or Grape Drink with far too much sugar.

Thusly resulting in a diabetic comma known as a Neegracinnacoma. These are all technical terms.
The chicken n' waffles had too much NEEGRACINNAMON in them and he slipped into a NEEGRACINNACOMA. It's just awful.
by Fuckayooo1123 February 18, 2010

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