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You know you've never been out of Westchester when:

a) you refer to White Plains and New Rochelle as 'ghetto'
b) that one time in your whole life when you went to Brooklyn (likely gentrified Brooklyn Heights, no less) you actually expected to hear people talking in Brooklyn accents.
c) You group all neighborhoods in the Bronx and Brooklyn together as "the ghetto", even areas that are predominantly white, low-crime, and working class (Bensonhurst, Kingsbridge, Throgs Neck, etc); that is, your definition of ghetto is anything poorer than Westchester.
d) you believe the subway is a lot faster than it actually is. People in remote parts of Brooklyn like Sheepshead Bay or Gravesend don't get to Manhattan any faster than the Metro-North train from lower Westchester.

Note that not everyone in Westchester is a suburban hermit, i live there and have been to just about every corner of the 4 main boroughs. But soooo many people fit this description, it's really sad, White Plains is NOT ghetto, not even remotely. And New Rochelle is like Sesame Street compared to the worst parts of Brooklyn. So you don't live inthe ghetto westchester people, get over it.
I was a suburban hermit until about a year ago.
by Fuckahoe Tuckahoe March 05, 2005

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