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IMO, one of the best (if not THE BEST), online RPG. Considered a musical RPG, but not to me, because there's way to much you can do.

Have Kids
Get Married
Own companies
Record Labels
Political System
Going to Prison
And much much much much much much more.

You can even get addictions to alcohal/drugs and buy houses and shits. HIIIIIGHLY UNDERATED. Only flaw, it is big and confusing at first, and you NEED V.I.P. Without V.I.P, you don't get kids, marriage, and a lot of other stuff. Try it out.
by Fuck-Haterz September 05, 2009
The best singer of the 20th century.

With three platinum albums

Dangerously in Love

This girl proves the fact that the sky is the limit. With amazing vocals and an amazing body to back it up, she's the next big thing in music. However, she has a lot of haters, but who cares, because all the haters are doing, is giving her name more hits on google.
Me: I love Beyonce.
Hater: Ugh, I hate Beyonce.
Me: Why.
Hater: Um.. Because!
by Fuck-Haterz August 29, 2009

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