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2 definitions by Fuck you bitchass

Best damn basketball team ever after Celdicks, Cockers, Bullshits, and PISStons.
Despite the shitty 90's, the Bucks are still 400 games above .500 in franchise history.
by Fuck you bitchass June 06, 2007
While LeBron is the best player in the NBA after Dwayne Wade (D-Wade gets the edge because he keeps his teammates involved. If the Heat and Cavs would've switched players, I guarantee you that the Heat wouldn't have won), people tend to ignore his ballhogging ways (though Kobe is much worse) because of his assist totals. Also, people are comparing him to Michael Jordan. While it's not a bad comparison, Michael is by far the better player because Mike won 6 titles, and Mike is by far the better defender and keeps his teammates involved.
LeBron James also has a nailbiting habit.
by Fuck you bitchass June 06, 2007