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You can call us poor all you fucking want "pwr_yo" or whatever your dumbass fucking name is, but we could fuck you AND your whole community up single-handidly physically and mentally ANY fucking DAY...
If you want to live in fantasy land with your faggot-ass tea-drinking buddies, go to Perry Hall or something, and get the FUCK out of our town if you don't like it.
And our town is NOT dirt poor as it used to be, so once again, FUCK off the poverty issue.
FUCK all the rich whiny little wannabees...
May the real of Maryland be reserved for Baltimore City,Havre de Grace,Aberdeen,Annapolis,Edgewood,and Salisbury;
Anybody anywhere else is a wankster ass fucking BITCH.
You all DISGRACE us. FUCK yus. Oh yeah, and that's OUR phrase too, mother fucker.
by Fuck Yus November 24, 2007

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