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An illiterate rapper who suffers severe mental retardation from Chicago, Ill whose popularity has soared ever since the release of his hit single, "Don't Like". His lyrics often portray acts of violence, drug use, and everything that happens "in the hood". Most of his songs are complete and utter shit because he is illiterate and cannot read or even speak properly. He believes he is the "shit" but is ultimately a piece of shit himself. Many of today's youth listen to him, especially in the city of Chicago where many people listen to his bullshit lyrics and try to represent the stupid ass style he portrays. He is without a doubt the stupidest rapper in the history of the genre. He will not live past the age of 30 either and will most likely die due to professional wet work. He thinks showing off guns, money, hoes, and drugs make him awesome but actually make him look like an uneducated piece of shit nigger.
Zack: Have you heard that new song by Chief Keef?
Shawn: Yea the one where you can't understand a single fucking word?
Zack: Wait.. every one of his songs is like that!
*both laugh*

Jack: Hey do you like Chief Keef?
Ron: Fuck no, I hope that stupid ass illiterate monkey dies and gets fucked in hell! All of his music is shit and he himself is a fucking idiot always yelling "three hunna!" like a fucking howler monkey, lets kill that stupid nigger shit!
*both laugh and plot how Chief Keef will die"
by Fuck Chief Keef November 05, 2013

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