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this band kicks your ass and your pathetic life. see jimmy pop
all you base are belong to bloodhound gang
by fuck boy October 19, 2004
1. The coolest motherfucker of all time, besides MCA and Mike D.

2. (verb) To be kickin ass and layin your pimperish mack game down on some hefty fine bitches
Yo man, have you heard? Adrock RULES!

hot damn, im totally adrockin this big tit bitch!
by fuck boy November 04, 2004
the ultimate post-insult comment
"Yeah, well, jimmy, your a pussycunt!"

by fuck boy October 19, 2004
adj -- A term used to describe a beautiful woman, usually of Afro-American descent, and her beautifully plump booty
"Daayuum, boy, did you see Beyonce? Man, she hefty fine!"
by fuck boy October 19, 2004
It comes from a canadian boy by the name of Gavin Phillips a.k.a. Big G

a ratymister is a combination of a rat and a mouse found in Gavin's cupboard.
"Is that a Mouse?"
"Is that a Rat?"
"no! It's a Rattymister!!"
by fuck boy January 11, 2005
If said by dad, you are FUCKED. That is, unless you play the "SHUT THE FUCK UP BEFORE I POP MY GAT AND SHOOT YOU IN THE FUCKIN FACE!" card.
"I suspect you are doing drugs. Can i speak to you, son?"
by fuck boy October 19, 2004
a term that implies anal sex or anal fascination
I ripped off her panties, lubed up her tailpipe, and gave her a hardcore rang dang!
by fuck boy October 16, 2004
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