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A word used to replace the word 'song' and is sometimes used as a comment when the song is appreciated
Man this is a choon, let's pump this baby out to the max (referring to the playing at a high volume on an audio device, usually a car sterio)
by Fubby_Gibgib June 05, 2006
A place where people of the ghetto bang out some hench choonz
Man don't do that shizzle here, blare it out at hte jumbleshaq
by Fubby_Gibgib June 05, 2006
A member of the Bosnian community, usually a horse whisperer, who acts as if the are invisible and tries to sell pensioners second hand onions
Don't make eye contact, that bloke is a fraggle, just look at him and those dodgy vegetables
by Fubby_Gibgib June 05, 2006
Used as a replacement of the word rythm to comment on a choon
Bounce to the riddim
by Fubby_Gibgib June 05, 2006

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