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5 definitions by FuNkY mOnKeY

The practice of studying the planets' positions to determine personality, lifestyle, trends and patterns in someone's life, etc. etc. It's not an "addiction of people who are too stupid to realize that even if it's accurate your sun sign means next to nothing whatever whatever and horoscopes are mostly made up". While it's true that horoscopes can be vague in some publications, that's because the astrologer is at fault, not the astrology, for its being vague/inaccurate/whatever. Also, the description of a Sun Sign personality is quite general since there are many other factors in your astrological personality--therefore the horoscopes for Sun Signs are general as well. In fact, analyses can be very accurate and in-depth when *all* planets are considered. *sigh*
Astrology is much more fun than astronomy.
by FuNkY mOnKeY November 13, 2003
371 330
Something you watch in the wee hours in the morning when you've had too much coffee and stale Timbits to know any better.
Wife: *calls from upstairs* Honey are you still watching those electric ab belt infomercials?
Husband: grrrrrmmmmmmmmmphhhh *drools*
by FuNkY mOnKeY October 15, 2003
58 17
A sport that hurts if you are smacked in the head with the titular dodgeball.
<Person> *is smacked in head* Ow!
by FuNkY mOnKeY October 20, 2003
2 16
A word said when one is on a major sugar blast.
*races around room* mEEnK mEEnK mEEnK mEEnK mEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEnK!!!!!!
by FuNkY mOnKeY November 17, 2003
2 18
Jumping up and down, like a pogo stick, to any suckage music to try to make it better.
Sara and I pogoed to Avril Levigne at the SnowBall dance in an attempt to make it all the less horrible.
by Funky Monkey December 18, 2004
13 32