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A casual pair of shoes worn by all your stoner friends. They usually never have laces and are as old as dirt. Once the stoners slip on a pair of slo-fers, they walk slower than wet paint drying.
Hey man, when Timmy put on his Slo-fers that was the end. You may not get your beer until tomorrow.
by FSU big dawg May 25, 2010
To think about masturbating!
Man! I can't wait for my date tonight. I've been ponderbating about it all day long. I need some Hoo-Haw.
by Fsu Big Dawg October 03, 2010
A meaningful way to "give the bird" and help the hungry at the same time. Usually happening around Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Yea, that's cool. Every year around the holidays, he makes it a point to givin-da-bird to the needy. Who doesn't tear up when you can feed someone a turkey dinner?
by Fsu Big Dawg November 18, 2010
What you definitely need during a heavy down-pour, when you don't have an umbrella. A friend ('bud') or co-worker that will share their umbrella with you as to escourt you to your car, home or work place.
Man, it was raining cats-and-dogs, yesterday after work, but lucky for me I had my 'brellabud' Sweet-tea close by, and she walked me to my car...wow, I would have been soaked!
by fsu big dawg April 06, 2011

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