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Formal Friday is the tradition, practice even religion of wearing a suit every friday regardless of what the dress code. It is specially more effective if they have casual friday. I started about 7 years ago after being told that I could not wear black jeans to work on Friday where they had business casual dress code. So now I wear a suit every Friday and I have a few of my friends and co workers do the same.
Why are you wearing a suit on a Friday?
It's Formal Friday. F'n Friday.
Nice suit but it's Friday?
Yes, It's Formal Friday. F'n Friday.
You're wearing a suit on Friday, do you have an interview?
No, It's Formal Friday. F'n Friday.
by fryguy August 09, 2007
Tie Tuesday is the practice, tradition and/or religion of wearing a Tie on every Tuesday. Regardless of what the dress code is at the place of work. Specially if it is business casual or casual. It makes people wonder what is going on and think you are going on interviews or have a special occasion.
Hey, nice tie.
Yeah, it's Tie Tuesday.
Whoa, why are you wearing a tie?
It's Tie Tuesday.
Hey, you're wearing a tie, Are you going on an interview?
No, It's Tie Tuesday.
by fryguy August 09, 2007
armenglish is basically armenian words written with english letters but are actually armenian words.

Armenglish is also a phrase and/or a sentence that is moslty armenian words with english word(s) thrown in every so often.
English ................ Armenglish (armenian words using english letters)
hello .................... parev
how are you? ....... inchbes es?

armenian phrase with english words in the mix:
Car-eh Park uhreer? (did you park the car?)
by fryguy August 08, 2007
Too Fucking Intimate.
Too Freakin' Intimate.
Too F'n Intimate.
Various situations apply. Such as a group of friends are together and one of them is telling a story and provides extra intimate details about a person. That's TFI!

Or someone opens a bag of chips and is sharing it and one of the others double dips and/or stick his hand in the bag to get more chips after licking his fingers.
That's TFI!

Or A person talks about their bathroom habits or their underwear preference with coworkers.
That's TFI!

Or A coworker calls another coworker from the bathroom or bathtub.
That's TFI!
by Fryguy February 03, 2007
(Din-sert) adj. Dessert eaten at the time in which you eat dinner.
for Dinsert, i had Chocolate Ice cream with a side of Chocolate chip cookies.
by Fryguy January 13, 2007
Two people working as a team and everyone else thinks they are one person.
"Hey Can you ask Sandickle to send us that proposal again?"
by Fryguy December 01, 2006
A place where you are happy and peaceful. You feel safe and warm. Your happy place where you can actually go to, physically. In your favorite bed with your favorite pillow(s), sheets and blankets.
I can't wait to go to my fluffy place and rest.
Oh, I am way to stressed. I need to go to my fluffy place for a while.
I miss my fluffy place.
by Fryguy December 19, 2006
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