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The best quote out of part 2 of act 1 in "A Very Potter Musical". This causes Ron to call Ginny, who greets an asian girl as Cho, a 'racist sister'.
Three girls: Cho Chang, happy happy new year, Cho Chang, gong hey fat choy...

Ginny: Cho Chang! Mah name iz Ginnee Weaslee, it iz verie nice to meet youh!

Asian: Bitch I ain't Cho Chang
by Fryen Pan November 30, 2009
Adjective, meaning conspicuously and outrageously bad.
Types of egregious things vary from a "gross injustice" to an "egregious ass" to a "fragrant violation of human rights."
Ex. Conversation

Alex: Your breath is egregious.

Jack: Huh? You can't use hard words like that, you know I never went to college.
by Fryen Pan December 26, 2009
A person who is addicted creating various sets a day on the website Polyvore.
The average Polywhore will make at least 20 different sets a day.
by Fryen Pan December 21, 2009
Buy clothing from cheap brands induced in child labor!

Stop by our indoor McDonald's, if you come and eat here often enough we'll let you try on our loose-fitted handmade uniforms.

Meet our friendly employees, fart around with them if you will! They'll make you feel at home, and brainwash you to come back every day until you actually GO live in their homes.

the ultimate Trailer Trash destination.
Julie: Why does Patty Sue shop at... friggen Walfart?!
Marie: Duh, she comes from trailer park central.
by Fryen Pan November 26, 2009
A weird noise that one will make as a random response to anything someone has just said.
Alice: So Jennifer asked Maylee out, but Maylee's going out with Ronald, so there's so much drama going on.

Kate: Shahungaaaah!

Alice: Shahunga, what the...? Stop hanging out with me!
by Fryen Pan December 17, 2009
Actress Lalaine (born Lalaine Ann Vergara-Paras) is best known for playing Miranda Sanchez, one of the best friends of the main character in hit Disney TV series, 'Lizzie McGuire'.

In July 2007, she was arrested and charged for drug abuse (methamphetamine and crystal meth substances) and is undergoing a drug treatment program.

Ever since 'Lizzie McGuire' ended, she has only succeeded in playing very small roles in films.
I can't believe Lalaine was arrested, freaking MIRANDA SANCHEZ! No wonder Disney never asked her back.
by Fryen Pan November 27, 2009
The title of Disney channel star and teeny bopper sensation Selena Gomez's debut album. The vocals to each song sound as if someone different is singing for each one, and when Gomez performed live for the first time on the show "Dancing With the Stars," it was made quite obvious that the little singing she did for the album was edited and synched to an average singer's level.
However, she has many fans who love her, and Selena managed to sell 66,000 copies of the album in one week. The end.
Ashlyn: Ew, Selena Gomez can NOT sing.
Brian: She's hot, but she makes my ears bleed.
Little girl: No! Selena is nice and pretty and looks like Alex from Wizards of Waverly Place, so she can do magic! And she's so cool! Mommy bought me 'Kiss and Tell' and she sang really good!
by Fryen Pan November 25, 2009

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