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a person, place, or thing
cunt had a cunt at the cunt
by fruitermelon March 15, 2008
someone who text's a lot and whose messages are mostly unwarranted or unwanted.
i get so excited when my phone rings cuz i think she's texting me, but then i see it's kek asking me something stupid and getting my hopes up. kek is such a text offender
by fruitermelon September 03, 2008
fat tits + time = tummyboobs
she's gonna have such bad tummyboobs in about 5 years
by fruitermelon August 06, 2007
smacking someone with your penis, generally because they were being rude or disrespectful towards you
Sir Allan II: wats cooking ugly faggot ass bitch lookin
Loki: stfu b4 i banana slam you
by fruitermelon February 09, 2008
someone's virginity, aka losing their maiden status
trevor lost his maiden tag in whorehouse.
by Fruitermelon June 17, 2007
what you say when you really don't care about what the other person is saying; i.e. a sarcastic 'oh my god'. Best if used in a whiny annoying tone of voice
Lame Person: dude i have to tell you this story, this tree fell at my school man it was incredible!
Me: (whiny) OH my GOD GODDDD!
by fruitermelon August 16, 2007
Having sex with a female. Literally, the use and manipulation of their bodies during the act of having sex; phrased in a manner that eludes to a quantity of partners to demonstrate sexual prowess for the male.
To understand, Kek was forced to google and search,
For 'twisting bitches out' but it just didn't work
But he took some classes, man that AP's tough,
Just to figure out that it was 'just sex stuff :( '
by fruitermelon August 01, 2008

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