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When you start laughing at a random memory of humor past.
Rita had after laughter today when she remembered my hilarious ChaCha impersonation from yesterday.
by fru January 29, 2010
having the ability to handle or deal with an intensely sexy situation
"dude, you don't have enough manwidth to handle those girls"
by Fru May 02, 2006
The badass attitude someone gets while chewing gum virgorously open-mouthed.
Marci nearly bit my head off for asking a simple question because she had gattitude.
by Fru March 30, 2010
When a French or French-speaking person is a "dick".
"Don't buy a baguette from that dique"

On my last trip to Paris I realized those people are a bunch of diques.
by Fru January 05, 2010
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