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A scrotum that that hangs down an unusually long ways. So far that one may experience sackdrip after using the toilet, due to the scrotum hanging down far enough to float in toilet water also known as floatascrot.
My buffalosack hangs so low, the other day I sat on my own nut.
by FrostyNutzz December 16, 2002
The act of inhaling anal odors, in a way as to gently introduce them to ones nasal passages.
I bent her over and and began indulging myself in an odorific bunghuffin session.
by FrostyNutzz December 16, 2002
What happens to a buffalosack when exposed to toilet water.
Hold your sac up, or you'll floatascrot, and end up with serious sacdrip.
by FrostyNutzz December 16, 2002
What one experiences when they floatascrot with their buffalosack.
I got up from taking a shit, and had a serious case of sackdrip.
by FrostyNutzz December 16, 2002
To spray semen with tremendous force.
I pulled my shaft from her ass, and hollared "Come here baby, and let me spew it in your eye".
by FrostyNutzz December 16, 2002

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