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An office or home printer that "jams", but there is no real printer jam. A phantom jam can be extremely frustrating in re-occurrences, resulting in the urge to drop-kick the printer out the window. The movie Office Space depicts a phantom jam, where the printer in question is later destroyed.
Printer jam? There is no printer jam! Piece of **** phantom jam!
#printer jam #office #computer #printer #frustration
by FrostyBB July 08, 2010
Similar to the blame game. The blame train starts with one person blaming another for faults. This will continue along until one person is left to blame, hence, at the end of the blame train. This often occurs at work, and sometimes at home.
Manager: Mike, did you drink all the coffee?

Mike: Nope, that was Jeff.

Manager: Jeff, did you drink all the coffee?

Jeff: No, I'm pretty sure Bob did.

Manager: Bob....I know you drank all the coffee because you're on the end of this blame train. You're fired.

Bob: WTF!?
#blame game #work #accountability #point fingers #scapegoat
by FrostyBB July 08, 2010
Brown style Ale brewed and bottled by Frosty Balls Brewery located in Chico, California. frosty beer brewery balls drink
Yo, you want to go to Frosty Balls Brewery and drink some Brown Frost until we can't see straight?
#frosty ipa #frosty ryepa #robust frosty #frosty stout #frosty hemp ale
by FrostyBB April 15, 2010
Spin-off from "mug shot", a chug shot is a picture of someone "chugging" a beverage (often alcoholic in nature). These images are mostly seen uploaded to social networking web sites for people to make themselves look cool. Unfortunately, these snapshots of a great time could hinder the person's credibility if viewed by prospective employers.
1. Bob was about to land a great job with Boeing, right out of college, until the HR department searched his name and saw his chug shot from last weekend. They hired Steve instead. Bob is now forced to live with his parents and work for Home Depot.

2. guy #1: dude, we got tons of beer and a camera...you know what that means!?

guy #2: CHUG SHOTS!!
#facebook #reputation #drinking #chug #pictures #mug shot
by FrostyBB September 10, 2010
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