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A genre that is guaranteed to exist one day once Deathcore dies down a bit. It will include elements from Gorgoroth and Behemoth with pig squeals, shrieking, and satanic lyrics. Along with elements borrowed from Bullet for my Valentine and All That Remains with emo and screamo related lyrics. It will have a crowd of emo kids who think they are hardcore because their music is satanic. Most of these kids will be 9 - 12, but the real fans will be 13 - 16. It won't last long and will have moderate mainstream value.
Blackcore Kid: Hey have you heard of blackcore?

Metalcore or Black Metal fan: No I haven't.

Blackcore Kid: Oh, its totally hardcore and your dumb Gorgoroth stuff doesn't compare.

Metalcore or Black Metal fan: Ugh, whatever *sigh*
by FrostChild December 15, 2012

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