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The School after elementary school but before highschool.
Middle school is usually a large building that holds kids from fifth grade to seventh grade this is where people begin to get into cliques such as

Also where you get more than one class per day and a locker that you feel is the sign of your individuality but instead find out you are squished next to 2 other people you only have about 12 in. of space and usually end up standing a full arms distance away and reaching over 2 kids to get your stuff. Classes usually have really old teachers or really young teachers homework is now a huge task to complete consisting of 2 or more pages of word problems. The teachers only care about the state regulated exam and don't care to teach you anything not on the exam.
Also where at lunch you decide your table and if you are caught at any table besides your own you get made fun of. Middle school is also where people kids begin to like the opposite sex and get their first girlfriends it then becomes customary to sit with your date at lunch.
Your friends will make fun of you to try to gain new friends or move up in the social chain the ones that don't make fun of you are usually the ones you will be friends with for the rest of middle school.
Other things that happen in middle school are
Drug use
and a higher level of stress that is only topped in highschool.
Middle school is hell i can only imagine what highschool will be like

School is the prison where all your dreams go to die
by Frost AG November 05, 2012

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