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1. see wanktard
2. any of a species of large, dimwitted, persons of Persian descent and whom are often identified by their lacking mental abilities and their obsession with Abercombie vests
1. anon: Parsha, want a mint?
Parsha: what flavor?
2. anon: hey my friend is gonna get me a free puppy!
Parsha: how much is it?
3. Parsha: what were we just talking about?
by Front Lawn Studios March 26, 2004
A term coined and used by the RIAA when discussing items confiscated during one of their trademark "Piracy Raids" or when discussing music files on the personal computer of the defendant in one of their some 15,000 lawsuits against the general public. Often used with quotation marks.
1. 700+ CDs and DVDs of "questionable legality" were confiscated during the raid.
2. Her computer contained hundreds of MP3s of "questionable legality."
by Front Lawn Studios May 15, 2006

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