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From Star Wars. Can also be used in life. The light side of the Force (also known as 'The Force') is aligned with happiness, joy, & love. Is also the side of the Force aligned with honesty, compassion, mercy, self-sacrifice, and other positive emotions. It is generally concerned with the ideas of good, generosity, healing, and wisdom, as opposed to evil, harm, and hasty judgment.

Particularly opposing negative emotions such as aggression, anger, and hatred, since these were shown to open a Jedi to the possibility of acceptance of the dark side.

Jedi used their powers to gain greater knowledge, in contrast to their ancient enemies, the Sith. Whereas the Sith would use their powers to try to rule the galaxy, the Jedi would use their power to fight in its defense and to guide its direction.
"A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense. Never for attack."

The Light Side is the good side.
by FromAGalaxyFarFarAway May 16, 2011

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