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A large group of people who have absolutely no calling in life except for dissing on everyone and everything around them because they have no understanding of being different.

Often times, a hater will engage in fights with somebody for no other reason except for a band they like, personality, or culture they believe in and follow.

Haters are often uneducated selfish pricks who only argue for the sake of feeling better about themselves because their parents beat them abusively.

Their intentions are no other reason except to make other people feel like shit because usually they talk crap over the internet, knowing all too well that they would get their ass handed to them in a fight in real life.
The few exceptions who do hate in real life end up getting their asses handed to them anyways.

Moral: If you don't like something, shut your god damn mouth and move along.
Juggalo: Hey man did you hear the new ICP Album.
Juggalo 2: Yeah man it's pretty good
*Juggalo 1 and 2 beat Hater's ass*
Juggalo 2: Stupid haters
by From a Ninja who cares February 10, 2010

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