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1 definition by Froggypants

The largest city in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Although many people who have never been to the city claim that there's nothing there but coffee, rain, and computers needs to wake up and go there. It is a beautiful, relatively safe, green city, with plenty of great choices for restaurants, very friendly and polite people, different kinds of beaches around to go dipping in during the summer, and a very casual tone. As for the weather, it is rainy and a little cool, but not cold, in the winter. However, the summers are comfortably warm, sunny, and dry; arguably the best kind of summer you could ask for. And yes, we do care about the environment, but why is that such a bad thing anyway?

The only problem is traffic, and lack of a good public transportation system, but hey, we have feet for a reason.

Bottom line is, Seattle may not be as well-known as New York City, but it's worth a visit if you don't already live here.
Dude #1: Hey, where are you going this summer?
Dude #2: Uh, I don't know, where do you recommend?
Dude #1: You should go to Seattle, it's a great city.
Dude #2: But I thought it always rained there, and that everyone was just a coffee addicted computer geek...?
Dude #1: It ain't so, man, go in July, you'll love it.
Dude #2: Aight.
by Froggypants February 26, 2007
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