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When you have unprotected sex with a female, and you leave right afterwards without any explanation!
I had no protection, and all I wanted was sex from this chick. So I decided I was just going to raw dog, and bail!
by Frogg March 01, 2004
1. When an individual means business
2. No more playin around
Sers ley, I hate you.
by frogg April 06, 2003
When you have your girlfriend/wife in doggystyle position. You then proceed to make your tongue stiff. Then take your tongue, and thrust it in, and out of her asshole!
She told me to eat her out first, then go for her ass, and "dank the doody"!
by Frogg March 01, 2004
A wad of seminal fluid that dangles from the penis.
Damn dude... Caleb look's like such a dickwad!
by Frogg August 24, 2004
A very flattering name to use for the female breasts.
Destiny had the nicest set of pookas, I couldn't help but put my face in between them!
by Frogg March 01, 2004

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