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Somebody who knows more than the speaker about computers, who by implication has no social skills although this bares no relation to the likelihood of the term being used. Not to be confused with players of online role playing games, who are more accurately known as twats, most computer nerds are male and work in a different company department from the speaker.
"I would ask the computer nerds downstairs but they say really complicated things that make me feel stupid," said the stupid person
by Frog Jacuzzi July 14, 2009
1) A derogatory term for any demographic of people with attitudes, beliefs and taste in clothes and music that the speaker thinks he understands better than they do.

Use of the term 'Emo' will almost always preceed a lecture about 'Emo's in a way that grossly underestimates the number of demographics that there are.

It is incorrect to use the term for any demographic that the speaker already has a name for.

2) Any young person who dies their hair an unnatural colour

3) Any young male with a Lisa Stansfield hairstyle. One of only two demographics to call themselves 'Emo's but they have, fortunately, been mostly killed now.

4) 'Emotive hardcore' music or a fan thereof

5) Over the top whinging in any work of art.

6) A name now adopted by a variety of people that couldn't come up with a better name for themselves than 'Alternatives' in the late 1990s. Frequently accused of conformist hypocrisy, most consciously intend to conform to their peer group and have never pretended otherwise. The only consistent characteristic of such an emo is that they dislike sportswear. Some look good but most have no idea
1) "Are you an emo or a goth?"
"Eh? I'm wearing a Metallica T-shirt"

2) Nah you can't get in the cafeteria; there are bloody emos sat all over the floor

3) Kill that fuckin' emo faggot

4) I like 'emo' actually, yeah, but it's like, not what you think... (Interrupted by snoring)

5) No mate Evanescence do not rock they are whinging emo bollocks even goths wouldn't listen to

6) Please don't call yourSELF an Emo for Christ's sake. I'm getting called it because I hang around with you.
by Frog Jacuzzi July 14, 2009
A type of fat that quivers sickeningly, especially exhibited by old men who believe themselves fit because they are thin.

Distinct from chub, which is relatively desirable and frequently chased.

Flab is also found around the jowls of truly fat fuckers
My scrawny dad has flabby moobs
by Frog Jacuzzi July 14, 2009

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