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Flatulence that makes a rapid diminishing "Sputtering" noise of at least 3 seconds in length.
ya hear that baby ? I call that a "Sputtering Duncan"
#fart #flatulence #sputtering #duncan #poop #sound
by Fro Bones May 22, 2011
A sexual maneuver involving 2 males and 1 female. It starts with a chinese fingertrap ( Look it up ) as the male receiving oral is about to cum he signals the other male who is fucking the female from behind, at this point the male from behind slips is arms under the females arms and pulls her back and up to his chest yelling "THIS IS SPARTA" thus creating a human shield for the man in front to "Shoot" at .
I heard that Eddy and Howie totally pulled The 300 on Sally last night !
#chinese fingertrap #sparta #300 #sex #sex moves #group sex #threesome #human sheild
by Fro Bones May 22, 2011
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