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When a guy OR girl is wearing shorts and has such hairy legs that it looks like they are wearing fur pants.
Veronica: 'I think i need to get my boyfriend to shave his legs or something, his leg hair is sooo dark it looks like he is wearing hairy pants."

Dina: "oh god, tmi"
by Frizzy beard April 12, 2010
When a guy grows a beard that is starting to frizz up like an afro.
"Dude, your beard is getting too full! Trim your chafro!"
by Frizzy Beard December 16, 2009
when it's such a catastrophe that you're fucked.
Boyfriend: "How's your day baby?"
Girlfriend: "horrible, a project for this new client is a mess, no one is taking responsibility for it, we are all over the place for deadlines, that it is becoming a fucktastrophe"
by Frizzy Beard June 27, 2012
finger toes - toes that are as long as fingers...
Max: "ew! Shane and I were getting ready to go for a swim and he took his shoes off, his toes are as long as fingers!"

Stacy: "ugh! He has fingoes!"
by Frizzy Beard May 17, 2012
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