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A summer camp for girls in Maine founded in 1921. Fernwood has gained a sort of cult following with campers coming back for four generations. It is easily the best summer camp around with great activities (including unique offerings like marksmanship and metalwork), a strong sense of tradition, and girls that will become your sisters.

See also: Heaven, Paradise, Home
Fernwoodite: Oh I don't think I told you about this time at camp fernwood..
Non-Fernwood Friend: OH BELIEVE ME. You ALREADY did. Now please shut up about it?

"Oh we're coming, you bet we're coming, back to F-E-R-N-W-O-O-D (boom)."

"Once you pass that Fernwood gate you've made a little date with fate, and your heart is at Fernwood to stay"
by Fritzah February 07, 2008

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