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A song by a comedy music duo named Stuckey and Murray in which they express their feelings about wanting to fornicate a Unicorn. It has about 162,00 views on Youtube, and it's one of those things you can watch more than once and still laugh like hell.
**A guy sits at a computer on Youtube while his friend pays little attention. **

((From the Speakers)): I'M FUCKING A UNICOOOOOOOOORN!!!!!!

Guy #1: What the hell are you watching...?

Guy #2: Unicorn in C Major.
by FritzTheCat420 August 24, 2012
A word that kids used to get yelled at for saying because it wasn't a word. Though, That is a no longer a case. Ain't is in the dictionary so you can go find your 2nd grade teacher and tell her to piss off.
Ain't is a word.
by FritzTheCat420 December 18, 2012

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