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A Scottish tool for pounding on things.
Aye, Connor, hand me that mc hammer, I've gotta drive a nail inta this piece a wood.
by Frisco Pete October 10, 2007
Going to a large retail outlet with the specific intention of watching or recording acts of domestic violence or child-beatery in the aisles.

Done for amusement in most cases, although walmarting for research purposes is not unheard of.
I went walmarting last night because I was bored. I ended up getting great video and laughing for ages. Soon I'll have enough clips for my 'greatest hits' tape!
by Frisco Pete October 05, 2007
A means of arbitrating a minor dispute, such as paying the tab at a restaurant or buying a round of drinks at a bar.

The participants sing 4 lines about Pac-Man, in the style of a parody of a popular song, ie. "Roxanne" by the Police.

As the custom is observed, "Pac-Man Fever" is strictly prohibited.
Who's buying this round?

Me? I think not, it's your turn!

A Pac-Off? You got it!

"Pac-Mannnn... you don't have to chase those ghosts tonight.
Eat up all the berries.
You look so much like your wiiife.
to the tune of 'Roxanne'
by Frisco Pete January 29, 2008
noun - Comeuppance, retribution or ownage.
You had best step off, or I'll be forced to dish out slices of KILLANIGGA PIE!
by Frisco Pete November 06, 2007
Slang term for DO-mestic VI-olence.
The walls were so thin that we could hear the do-vi going on in the neighbors' place.
by Frisco Pete October 25, 2007
An alternate title for that one show, "Ghost Hunters."
Hey look, BooQuest is on TV.
by Frisco Pete January 18, 2013
Wooha - (noun) - pronounced "wu-haw"

Disparaging term for Amerindian peoples. References the stereotypical war cries and whoops featured in media depictions of American Natives(Indians) in the 20th century.
I lent twenty dollars to that wooha, Kingfisher. He used it to buy a giant bag of hotdogs, but he never repaid me.
by Frisco Pete October 14, 2011
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